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Take Part in Something Great!


Putting My Experience
to Work

I never thought I would be running for the U.S. Senate.  It's funny when you're the ripe age of 57, there is a fervor to do more for the Citizens of Georgia by way of services, housing upgrades, school improvement and beauty, expand business and create a climate for entrepreneurs to thrive, while mentoring our young generations and protecting our Seniors. 


The time is now, and the promise I make to Georgia is . . . We will maximize the life of our citizens and create a climate of aural beauty as we build a populous of influence for all, like Johnny Isakson so humbly built! 

My Father and Mother built this likeness, too!  I'm a Spelman College Graduate with a B.A. in English.  The sound bites spoken will be words of encouragement and research!  Join me for a new influence in Statesmanship!

Georgia is known now for being #1 in Business, home to the Film Industry, Vidalia Onions, Pecans, Peaches, Peanuts and more!  Join us on this quest to build a "Polished Georgia"!  And, to be honest, our Veterans can greatly be our "Catalyst"!

I cannot wait to see what is on the horizon for the Port of Savannah! 

I believe in:


  • Landmark Legislation

  • Re-instate the "Gold Standard" to back our standing in America as the Nation that is the "Reserve Currency to the World"

  • Israel

  • Religious Liberty

  • Life

  • The Constitution

  • The Bill of Rights

  • The Declaration of Independence

  • Life, Liberty and Property - 1st Amendment

  • The Second Amendment

  • The 10 Commandments

  • The Bible

  • National Preservation & The National Park Service

  • The Enhancement of our 159 Counties in Georgia

  • Alliances to business relationships for all races

  • You as a Citizen are a Commodity!

    • Protection for Citizens

    • Enforcement of previous Landmark Legislation

    • Systems in our State must be improved

    • Save "De-populated Cities"

    Senior Security

    • Eliminate Fraud

    • The Feeding of Seniors

    • Protect Seniors Wealth

    Recreation Upgrades

    • Revise Centers for Growth, Skill and Opportunity

    • Create a "To Play Fund"

    "A Polished Georgia" - Make it clean, roads, neighborhoods, bridges, schools, etc.

    • Fund power washing the whole State

    • Make all of Georgia, small pockets of places of promoting wealth

    One Stop Shops for citizen's needs to met . . .across the 159 Counties across Georgia teaming up with municipalities and Counties.

  • Financial Education

    • Begin training for all!

    • Promote a savings and Entrepreneur Plan

    Young Adult Ministry of Wealth

    • Show our Youth how to make money

    • Provide Youth with Coaches

    The Challenge of Systems that haven't worked systematically.

    • Reading for all

    • Skill for all

    One Computer Portal for the whole State of Georgia

  • Protect the Land Plan

  • Make Georgia a Judicial State

  • No more foreclosures

  • No more theft of the Land

  • Protect the unborn

Maximize the Health of all of our Georgia Citizens through food, water, recreation, minerals, exercise and wisdom.  


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